Nancy Ajram Before Plastic Surgery

One of the most coveted Singer/Actress in the Middle East has undergone the knife at the age of 16! This is not a secret as she herself has talked about it openly. Here are some pics of her before and after the plastic surgery.

Nancy Ajram Before and After

Nancy Ajram Now after her surgery

If you don’t know who Nancy Ajram is she exploded onto the Lebanese music scene when she released her third album, Ya Salam (How Fantastic), in 2003. The song “Akhasmak Ah” (“I’ll taunt you”) blew up on Arabic music charts and reached the No. 1 position. The song’s video also caused a big stir; in it, Nancy portrayed a sexy and seductive cafe manager as she danced and flirted with the male customers, which is a big deal in ultra-conservative Lebanon. Additional singles from Ya Salam helped cement Nancy’s name in the hearts and minds of her people.

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  1. Wow, unbelievable
    She looks totally different before and after surgeries!

  2. nancy, before surgery u looks like a angel your face was immaculate and attractive. after surgery your appearance lose its unique. i wish u don’t hate me. i love your sound ,i have a lot of memoies with your songs

  3. i had time to know that u was nancy

  4. Lebanon is really not as a whole “ultra conservative”. You have the full spectrum there (as in the US). Case in point, you can see a Shiite woman wearing a drab, black hijab (or “head scarf” as known in the west) and abbaya walking past a super night club filed with Russian prostitutes, then come across Gulfies in their fancy hijabs and abbayas walking down the street along with less conservative with sunni women wearing hijab and skin tight outfits that don’t reveal any flesh but give a clear idea of what’s beneath, and women of any religion wearing wearing couture that may or may not be risque. And as far as countries in the Middle East go it’s ultra progressive and becoming more so. Just putting things in perspective so you have a clearer picture rather than making blanket statements that are more stereotypical than accurate. And remember, that there were and are videos and songs in the US that have and continue to raise controversy as well.

  5. hii nancy you looks amazing before and now ””’

  6. I think before surgery she had the worst face that i’ve ever seen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Plastic surgery is like drugs,when u make it,u won’t be able to stop.
    Example:when a women do her boobs,lips,or face she will feel more gd
    About her self..dis mean she will keep doing dis every couple or years
    But if it comes to me .. Well everyone is doing plastic surgery
    And most of them r singer,actresess,and its ur own body u can do
    What ever u want with it…
    By da way am half lebanese half british..I lived most of my life in
    The different between arab people and european and american is dat most arab people judge u by the looks and they only care about money ..
    But after all what can I say I love lebanonnnnnnn :@

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