Dancing Forest Of Kaliningrad

The Dancing Forest of Kaliningrad is definitely an interesting site, especially if you’re into strange natural phenomena. Known as the Dancing Forest or  Drunken Forest, by the locals, this unusual pine forest is made of trees of various shapes, most of them twisted in circles and spirals, along the ground which makes it the strangest natural phenomena on Earth.

The Dancing Forest, according to tourists, looks more like a site near Chernobyl, with 20-year-old pines tied into natural knots and loops, like lumpy contortionists.

Several theories emerged, including one suggested by a psychic who said the forest is located on a spot where massive amounts of positive and negative energies collide. Others say the causes are geological, that it must have something to do with the unstable sandy soil. But the most widely accepted theory is that the Dancing Forest was manipulated by the powerful winds blowing in the area.

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